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Clovifi, The World’s Smartest Wi-Fi HD Audio Transmitter, Debuts At CEDIA Expo

(SPECIAL TO CEDIA EXPO – BOOTH 2842, Innovation Alley)September 6, , 2018 – CloviTek Inc is coming to CEDIA EXPO 2018 to showcase CloviFi, a dedicated wireless device for transmitting TV audio to smart devices. Ideal for consumers, gamers, those struggling with hearing loss, as well as in businesses and public places. CloviFi wireless audio transmitter enables users to privately listen to high-quality TV audio streams through personal mobile devices, without disturbing others nearby.

Although current Bluetooth audio offers convenient ways for consumers to listen to audio transmissions wirelessly, they are limited by distance, sound quality, low bandwidth, and 1-to-1 connectivity.

A single CloviFi transmitter connects multiple Android or IOS users throughout the house or in business establishments with multiple TVs such as bars, gyms, hospitals and airport lounges. Consumers can use their own headphones and a free mobile app to stream what they want to listen to.

“CloviTek is solving the need for private listening experiences that your customers are asking for,” said Vitaly Kirkpatrick, founder, and CEO. “CloviTek’s patented plug-and-play device is the simplest way for AV professionals and OEM partners to solve the most common home and business TV listening requests without the need to install bulky servers and wiring. We are excited to bring this innovation to CEDIA EXPO.”

Installers simply connect CloviFi to a TV or other audio device; connect a mobile device and CloviFi to the same Wi-Fi network; download, install and run the free app; and select the available TV in the app. The user is now able to listen and control their own sound level without bothering others. 

CloviFi Product Features:

  • Free Android and iOS app – No subscription fees or hidden costs
  • For home and commercial use – Use at home, work and public places with multi-user connections
  • Adjustable mounting options – Provides multiple ways to mount behind TVs
  • Affordable, compact and simple – No need to install bulky servers and wiring
  • Quality 24-bit premium high-quality sound transmission – Wi-Fi audio transmission quality is better and greater distance range than Bluetooth, FM
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled – stream to your smartphone or Bluetooth headphones and control your own sound level
  • Multiple audio connections – Connect via stereo phono (RCA), 3.5 mm audio jack, Bluetooth, optical
  • Select between multiple CloviFi devices located in different rooms and no limits on how many TVs you can connect in one
  • Can be used as a Personal Sound Amplifier Product (PSAP) with or without an FDA- approved hearing amplifier system
  • Can be integrated with other A/V systems.

Please visit Booth 2842 (Innovation Alley) during CEDIA Expo 2018 September 6 -8, 2018 at the San Diego Convention Center to learn more about CloviFi.


We will be selling devices at the show at the discounted price. 


About CloviTek

Incorporated in 2018, CloviTek Inc is a manufacturer of a wireless hardware device that transmits audio from a TV to a mobile device using Wireless (Wi-Fi) transmission technologies for audio streaming. For more information go to


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CEO/Founder CloviTek Inc

801- 372-4854

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