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WiFi (Wireless) Audio Solutions

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How WiFi Audio Streaming Works


Connect CloviFi’s microUSB
to a power source (i.e. TV’s USB port)


Connect CloviFi to an audio port (3.5mm Audio Jack/RCA/Optical)


Connect CloviFi and your mobile device to your home network via WiFi or Ethernet


Run free iOS or Android
CloviFi mobile app


Connect your headphones,
select a TV, and enjoy streaming!


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iOS & Android
applications for audio streaming

Your phone is your source for all of your audio needs. Connect CloviFi to your TV, your stereo, or your computer. Then you can cast the audio to your iOS or Android phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Wireless Audio Streaming Features


Listen to your audio
via WiFi

Multiple users for one TV

The whole family can listen
to crystal clear sound

High-quality sound

Full stereo high-definition sound – Get the complete experience

Stream directly to a Bluetooth headset

Skip the phone and stream
directly to a Bluetooth headset

Multiple audio connector types

Multiple audio connectors let you link to any device of any age

Select between multiple TVs in different rooms

Stream different TVs from
different rooms easily

CloviFi Business Solution

Whether you have a bar/restaurant or a busy office, it can be a great thing to be able to hear the television. With a single CloviFi device you can let your patrons connect to the television audio simply and instantly. In the office, you can hear the stock news or the online meeting easily from anywhere in Wi-Fi range.

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CloviFi for Assisted Listening Applications

If you have mild-to-moderate hearing loss you generally do not need hearing aids, there are devices called personal sound amplification products (PSAPs) to help you hear more clearly in certain situations. The CloviFi device acts as an Assisted Listening Device and can be used without an FDA-approved hearing amplifier system. You can stream audio over WiFi to your personal headphones.

Because you can hear better your TV with volume higher than a person sitting by you, sometimes it can be difficult for the people around you to tolerate a loud volume. ClovFi allows you to turn the volume up as loud as you need without disturbing anyone. CloviFi can work for people who are sensitive to sound as well; they can turn the volume down to be comfortable. And you can both do this at the same time.

CloviFi delivers the desired audio from its source directly to your ears, overriding the background distractions. You control your personal volume level through your mobile device. No need to spend extra money on specialty headphones or hearing aids. Keep your comfortable headphones that you already use to watch TV.

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