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Founded in 2016 by Vitaly Kirkpatrick, who grew up in an orphanage with a passion to create something amazing, CloviTek revolutionizes wireless audio and assisted-listening technologies while  improving health and quality through of life for everyone.

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Story of Creating

Story of Creating

Like many other modern devices, CloviFi was born out of necessity and a passion for making small, but powerful, changes.

Christmas of 1994 started like most other Christmases in foster, except that this year, Vitaliy had a dream to make things a little better for his fellow foster kids: he was going to buy a television that they could all watch.

He spent the whole winter busking and singing Christmas carols until he had enough money to buy a television that they could all share.

His foster mum was not happy!

She was not a fan of television and has a strict lights out and quiet policy. After 9:30 each evening, the house was to be quiet. No radio. No television. No one up wandering around.

It was at this time that Vitaliy imagined a device that would give him enough privacy to be able to watch TV all night and not disturb his foster mum.

Vitaliy grew up well and went off to University where he earned his degree in electrical engineering. He never stopped thinking about that little foster kid and his 9:30 pm dark TV.

CloviFi and Clovitek are the culmination of Vitality’s passion to let people everywhere watch TV without disturbing anyone.

Low-cost, compact, and powerful, CloviFi is designed to be perfect for anyone to be able to set up and use, every day.


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What Makes Us Great

Listen privately  at comfortable volume levels without disturbing people nearby

Increased distance ranges from TV audio without audio distortion

Use an existing Wi-Fi network  or use their own Bluetooth or wired headphones

Ease of use withsimple installation

Affordable  for home andbusiness use

Compact with minimalspace requirements

No wiring  or largeequipment required

No need for a new audio transmitter and receiver, use your own mobile device as a receiver

Connect multiple users to the same TV