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Do you find yourself struggling to hear the TV? Learn how WiFi Audio Amplification Products Improve Hearing for People with Hearing Loss

Two out of 3 people with hearing loss are both undiagnosed and untreated. In fact, over 4 million people in the United States alone are living with undiagnosed hearing loss.

Chances are you are starting to lose your hearing if you are having trouble hearing background noises and turning your TV or radio up as a result. Unfortunately, as this problem progresses, you may not even realize you have the volume so loud until someone points it out to you with a shocked or surprised expression on their face or even tone of their voice.

But that's not the only way to detect you are having a hearing problem. If you are struggling to follow conversations and constantly asking people to repeat themselves, it is a big sign that you may need to get a hearing aid.

Additionally, something is definitely wrong with your hearing if you have consistently muffled hearing. This will make everything sound distorted and quiet, like your ears are being covered.

Truthfully, it sucks to suffer from such a problem. Most people with this condition lose interest in watching television after a period of time while others found themselves constantly reaching for the TV remote to turn the volume up.

The fact is that you cannot keep on using your volume all the way up every time you want to watch television. If you found yourself facing this problem, you might benefit from using one of the assistive listening devices also known as ALDs for watching TV and movies. 

Best Hearing Devices For Watching TV When You Are Losing Your Hearing

Loss of hearing, even a mild one can make it extremely difficult to enjoy watching television. Most people have this problem without realizing it, they constantly find themselves trying to raise the volume on the TV to hear it better.

The problem is; if you have other people sharing the room with you, turning the volume all the way up can cause serious disagreement. In fact, you can even have a problem with your neighbors when your TV and radio are constantly too loud. 

Fortunately, there are assistive listening devices that can be used to help make watching TV easier and more enjoyable for anyone going through this problem.

Below, you will find the best assistive listening device you can use to make watching and understand television better when you are having a hearing problem. 

Best WiFi Streaming Devices From TV to Headphones

If you are having hearing loss, you can watch TV by streaming the audio from the TV to your headphone. Unfortunately, not a lot of device exists that can do this perfectly.

With most of Bluetooth headphones out there, you will still experience the same distorted sound or poor quality of sound. If you are not using a good hearing aid, the experience will still be poor.

Switching to CloviFi WiFi wireless audio transmitter is a better way to stream audio from TV to your headphones and make TV completely intelligible. CloviFi has been ranked as one of the top assistive listening devices for watching TVs and movies.

It is the first audio transmitter to work wirelessly over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can conveniently stream your favorite TV programs when you are having a hearing loss without disturbing anyone else. CloviFi has the ability to connect multiple users to a single device.

This means that you can host an event for people with hearing loss with a single CloviFi device. All they need to do is connect to CloviFi with their smartphone and listen with their own headphones. 

How CloviFi Works:

With CloviFi, you don't need to invest in another headphone or hearing aid.

Once you get your CloviFi device, you will need to fix or attach it to your TV or Radio. After connecting the device to your TV, download the app on your smartphone.

A single CloviFi device can serve multiple users. Different users can download CloviFi app on their smartphone and listen to the quality audio at their own preferred volume.

There is no need to avoid the movie theater or get frustrated because of your inability to enjoy your favorite TV shows due to hearing loss. Using CloviFi can help you enjoy your TV shows again even more than ever before.'

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