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Utah News (KSL TV) about CloviTek’s Founder – Journey from Ukraine orphanage to Utah entrepreneur

In his story “Inspirational True Story of CloviTek’s Origins As Told by its Founder Vitaly M Kirkpatrick” the founder tells the story of how he started CloviTek. Recently, KSL TV, a local TV channel, told its story “Journey from Ukraine orphanage to Utah entrepreneur” about Vitaly Kirkpatrick, the founder of CloviTek, through the personal and touching interview.


Here is what KSL news tells:

"He got help from the University of Utah’s Lassonde Center and then from, formerly the Wayne Brown Institute, which invited Kirkpatrick to pitch at the Investor’s Choice Conference, the longest-running venture capital conference in the country. Entrepreneur Vitaliy Kirkpatrick pitches his business idea.’s Brad Bertoch says what makes Kirkpatrick a good entrepreneur comes from his years in Ukraine – his willingness to take chances. “He has really no concept of risk,” Bertoch says. “He’s been at risk his entire life and that means nothing to him because that’s just how life is. The risk of putting together this business isn’t overwhelming as it is with many people. You’re not worried about what’s going to happen because it’s not getting any worse.Peter Rosen 

Here is how Vitaly feels about his journey into the Entrepreneurship:

"I somewhat believe that if you are passionate enough about something you will succeed. But I don’t believe you will succeed no matter what. I have always been passionate about things I do in life. But there is a price to pay if you truly want to succeed. I think that the best way to put it, that if someone is passionate enough about something and they fail, if they don’t learn how to get up and move forward no matter what, then they will not succeed. Mistakes are there for us to learn from. When you made a mistake doing something you are passionate about and then did the same mistake again, then you’ve failed because you did not learn anything from it in the first place. But if you made a mistake doing something you are passionate about and then did not repeat it again, because you’ve learned something from it, then you have succeeded. You can fail and still succeed doing something you are passionate about". Vitaly M. Kirkpatrick

Vitaly thanks for the support of the Lassonde Institute at the University of Utah and Vitaly is close to bringing his innovative product (WiFi Audio Transmitter that is better than Bluetooth) to the market and received a CES 2018 Innovation Award during the CES 2018 show.

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