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The Best Way To Connect TV Audio Wirelessly To Any Device

Most of us are guilty of late-night television. There are some favorite TV-shows that you cannot afford to miss. But the problem is; you will disturb your partner and others around you who are probably more interested in their sleep. Similarly, there are others who want to watch television but needs a way to block out the noise of the surroundings.

You have two options when you found yourself in the above situations – either you forget watching your favorite TV program or movie or you get a wireless device to allows you to transmit TV audio to your headphones, smartphones, laptops, in fact, to any device you want.

I bet the second option sounds pretty good, right? I think so too. Before now, if you want to watch television with headphones, you have to use those headphones with long and messy cords. But not anymore, thanks to CloviFi. 

Dedicated Wireless Device For Transmitting TV-Audio To Smart Devices

CloviFi is revolutionizing the way we watch television, whether you want to watch television without disturbing your partner or want to watch naughty movies without the noise attracting others, CloviFi makes it possible.

The great thing is that your TV doesn’t have to come with a built-in Bluetooth. In fact, it doesn’t need Bluetooth because CloviFi has a perfect workaround for connecting wireless smart devices.

How Does CloviFi Connects TV Audio To Your Smart Devices?

CloviFi is truly the smartest way to connect TV audio to multiple devices. When you purchase this device, it comes with a tiny device that you will attach to your TV audio port.

Once you attach this device to the TV audio port, it will begin to send out signals and you can pick up this signal with your iOS or Android Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and headphones.

Awesome right? It doesn’t end there, what makes CloviFi so special is that it can be used by more than one person. In fact, it can be used by more than a dozen people in the building. 

As a public establishment or group of persons that want to watch television together, everyone can tap into a signal that is broadcasted by CloviFi device on his smartphone and listen at a personalized volume levels.

Most people are going crazy with this device because it completely eliminates background noise and allows each individual to listen at a comfortable, personalized volume levels perfect for the hearing impaired, eliminating expensive aids and bulky devices. 

Can I Play PlayStation with CloviFi?

CloviFi device is designed with game-lovers in mind. If you want to play your PlayStation but you don’t want all the loud bangs and noise to disturb others, you can simply connect your CloviFi to your PlayStation audio port and transmit the audio directly to your headphone.

Before now, if you want to Play PlayStation 4 without the noise, you have to use wired headphones. However, CloviFi has completely eliminated this. Just make sure your CloviFi device is well connected to the audio port and you can play your PlayStation without the noise disturbing others. 

Features of CloviFi

CloviFi has no competition and comes with features you won’t see in other devices. Some of the features include:

  • Wireless
  • Connects to multiple users
  • Connects to any smart device
  • Each user can listen at a personalized volume
  • Completely eliminates background distractions
  • Perfect for the hearing impaired
  • Sleek design
  • Extremely affordable 

How Can I Get CloviFi Device?

CloviFi is marketed by Clovitek, you can take advantage of early-bird prices if you click on the link below to get your CloviFi device before the price goes up. 

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