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CES 2018 CloviTek Exhibits its Flagship CloviFi Product, CES Innovation Honoree Winner Wireless Audio Transmitter

CloviTek will be demonstrating CloviFi, the (Wi-Fi) Wireless Audio Transmitter, at booth 50008, Tech West, Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G, at CES 2018, 9-12 January, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Consumer Technology Association(CTA) has officially awarded the flagship product CloviFi Wireless Audio Transmitter as CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree under High-Performance Home Audio & Video category.

About the Product – CloviFi

CloviFi is the World’s Smartest Wireless HD Audio Transmitter for Private Listening Anywhere Anytime. CloviFi solves the need for the private listening experiences. It is the ultimate solution for a TV or Home Audio Systems to wirelessly stream HiFi audio directly to any headphones or speakers over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. CloviFi is low-cost and compact device that enables multiple users to simultaneously connect and listen privately to high-quality TV audio sound without disturbing people nearby!

How CloviFi Wi-Fi Audio Transmitter Works

CloviFi connects to your TV or any other audio source and transmits wirelessly or via Bluetooth to any iOS, Android smartphone or tablet. The device can be used by multiple people in the same room or throughout the house, with each person streaming to their own headphones what they want to listen to.


CloviFi is very user-friendly and can be used by children and adults alike, all you need to do is connect the device to the back of your TV and connect it to your Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

CloviFi comes with a free mobile app. Simply download a free app for iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device, connect to your Wi-Fi network and start transmitting sound from your TV to your mobile device by selecting one of the available channels on the list.

Who can use the device?

The answer is ANYONE:

  • People with one or more TVs in their household
  • Business owners and their employees
  • Music/Sports bars customers/owners/managers
  • Gym customers/owners/managers
  • Airport travelers/managers
  • Hotel visitors/owners/managers
  • Schools/universities, their staff, students, and instructors
  • Business lounge customers/owners/managers
  • Movie theater customers/owners/managers
  • Amusement park customers/owners/managers
  • Museums attendees/owners/managers
  • Consumer electronics store owners/managers
  • Residents/managers in group living settings such as assisted or senior living

Where to find us at CES 2018

CloviTek LLC will be demonstrating CloviFi, the Wi-Fi Audio Transmitter, at booth 50008, Tech West, Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G, at CES 2018, 9-12 January, Las Vegas, Nevada. Click here or on the image below to view the floor map.


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Looking forward to seeing you at the show.

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Vitaly M. Kirkpatrick