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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi TV Wireless Audio Receiver: Which One is the Best?

When you need a wireless audio receiver, a number of factors will determine which system is the right one for you. It may seem challenging, however, your choices are important for your satisfaction with the type of TV wireless audio receiver you choose to go with.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both methods that provide wireless communication. The both system are pretty popular but their difference stems from what they are designed to do and how they are used.

Almost every wireless audio receiver communicates with either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. We will take a look at each of these systems to determine which one you should use when you need a TV wireless audio receiver. 

Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Bluetooth is a ubiquitous technology and has a wide variety of applications. It helps to boost the convenience and functionality of portable devices by providing a simple and easy way for them to interact with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Most smartphones, laptops, tablets have Bluetooth capability.

Bluetooth is common and can help to conserve battery once active. Unfortunately, they have limitations. Bluetooth transmissions can only work in a limited range. In fact, most Bluetooth can only work in a range of not more than 15 feet. However, some manufacturers might claim 30 feet.

The range a Bluetooth can transfer data can be limited by partitions. If there are objects in the way, the range your wireless audio receiver can work might be limited. Again, most Bluetooth may convey clear sound quality but it may not attain audiophile status. Moreover, data compression is used in Bluetooth to reduce the bit rate of the audio signal; this can slightly degrade audio Fidelity. 

Wi-Fi Audio Receiver

Wi-Fi is almost as ubiquitous as Bluetooth but a bit different. Almost all smartphones, tablets, and laptop nowadays come with Wi-Fi capability. The function of Wi-Fi is to wirelessly connect devices to the internet or Ethernet networks such as a corporate local area network (LAN).

When it comes to a wireless audio receiver and other devices, Wi-Fi is much preferred compared to Bluetooth because of their ability to transfer data over a longer range. Unlike Bluetooth which can only transfer data to 30 feet range, Wi-Fi can be accessed over 300 feet away. Wi-Fi is less sensitive to interference, unlike Bluetooth. Wi-Fi has evolved and every type of Wi-Fi can convey audio signals.

Another benefit is that audio signals can be conveyed through Wi-Fi using a lossless codec, this means that it will not only attain audiophile status but also there will be absolutely no loss of audio fidelity. 

Why CloviFi TV Wi-Fi Audio Receiver is Better than Bluetooth Audio Receiver Headphones

Today, you can easily see a lot of Bluetooth wireless audio receiver headphones in the market, apart from suffering from disadvantages of Bluetooth like we listed above; these headphones are not the best when you want to transmit audio from your TV to a listening device.

Bluetooth has limited connection. When you are using Bluetooth, you cannot serve a large number of people. Only a few persons will be able to have access to the audio. On the other hand, Wi-Fi audio transmission can be accessed by an unlimited number of people.

CloviFi Wi-Fi TV audio transmitter is designed to be used by individuals and groups alike. CloviFi device transmits audio through Wi-Fi, this means that a large number of people can enjoy your audio without any interference. When watching a movie at home, you can step into the kitchen, pick up your mails, and ease yourself in the bathroom without losing the sounds you are listening to.

In a public scenario, CloviFi allows thousands of people to connect to Wi-Fi and have access to the audio being transmitted. Everyone will enjoy superior crystal audio quality and can listen at the audio level they are most comfortable with.

Unlike Bluetooth wireless audio receivers, CloviFi doesn’t require any investment in headphones. Once a CloviFi device is attached to the audio port of your TV, it sends the audio to a Wi-Fi, anyone can listen to this audio simply by connecting to the right CloviFi channel from the CloviFi app. It not only provides a cost-effective way to transmit audio wirelessly from your TV but also allows you to use your own headphone.

Bluetooth vs Wi-Fi Transmission Comparison

Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi Technologies: which one is better?

No doubt, CloviFi is revolutionizing the way we transmit audio wirelessly from TVs and other audio ports. You will save money, enjoy a superior sound quality of audiophile status, and can serve a large audience when you are using CloviFi.