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How Assisted Listening Technology and Wi-Fi Can Benefit the Elderly in the Church

Over 360 million people worldwide suffer moderate to profound hearing loss. Unfortunately, the risk of hearing loss increases with age. It is common to find many elderly struggling with hearing loss. The people in these age bracket make up the better part of the congregation in churches and religious gatherings. This has led to increasing public demand for listening solutions that extend beyond the traditional assistive listening market.

Nowadays, streaming audio over Wi-Fi in the church is the new trend for overflow areas, for the hearing-impaired, and for multilingual events. Wi-Fi has proved to be the most reliable way to stream audio, deliver excellent sound quality and make it convenient for users to enjoy. There is no longer need for the users to purchase and maintain bulky listening devices. Rather, they can easily download an Android or iPhone app on their smartphone and then connect to an audio channel that corresponds to the video they are watching.

Churches are making use of television for preaching and other purposes. Without the use of Wi-Fi audio streaming, the elderly and those with hearing problems are being left behind. They are left on their own to struggle to participate in the service.

Using a Wi-Fi audio streaming technology such as CloviFi will ensure that the elderly and the hard-of-hearing not only hear what is being displayed on the television, or being said by the pastor they can also participate fully in the service. The use of CloviFi device provides a convenient listening experience for the hearing impaired.

CloviFi can be fixed to any audio port such as the microphone port and broadcast the audio to everyone connected to CloviFi channel. 

How Can CloviFi Device Help the Seniors In the Church and Public Areas?

The church and the seniors can leverage CloviFi in the following way:

  1. Attach the CloviFi device to the audio port of the microphone or television.
  2. Connect the CloviFi to a Wi-Fi source
  3. Assist the elderly to download CloviFi app on his Android or iPhone smartphone or tablet
  4. Connect to the audio channel you want to listen to.
  5. Listen with your own headphones.

The elderly can find it frustrating dealing with a device that has so many settings; this is why CloviFi was designed in such a simple way. It doesn’t involve so many settings. You can teach the senior how to connect to the audio channel that corresponds with the video they want to watch or listen to the preaching.

The solution provided by CloviFi device is not limited to churches; it can as well be utilized by the general public as well for the hearing impaired. It can be used wherever there is a large gathering to ensure that participants receive equal and convenient listening experience.

Using CloviFi is a cost-effective solution to create a convenient listening experience for the public. One CloviFi device mounted on the audio output port of a television or microphone can serve the general public. You won’t need to invest in other equipment or devices. The users (participants) simply need to download the app to be connected to the channel without the need to invest in a new headphone or listening device.

CloviFi is simple and affordable! It is by far the best solution to help seniors and hearing impaired to listen to the preaching in the church and in other gatherings. It is a cost-effective solution that allows you to remain fully compliant and provides options that create exceptional experiences for the congregation and participants in events.

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